About Aussie Arvos

From epic off-road adventures to fixing their broken four-wheel-drives in Dad’s shed. Aussie Arvos is all about giving things a go and learning along the way. Brothers Patrick & Liam and good mate Dan have been creating entertaining and educational content around mechanics, four-wheel-driving and camping since 2020.

Aussie Arvos is all about demonstrating you don’t need a million dollars to get out and enjoy camping and four-wheel-driving in Australia. They always give things a crack themselves and in doing so have learnt alot. They’ve helped inspire hundreds of thousands of like minded adventures to try things they never thought they were capable of.

Thanks to help from their supporters, Aussie Arvos continues to stick to its roots while undertaking new challenges whether it be intricate 4×4 modifications and maintenance or far remote traveling throughout Australia. Catch all the action on their YouTube channel Aussie Arvos.

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